Hello Doctor, I've taken the first round of counselling (through online) on 22-Mar for the maintenance of erection problem. The result has been good after that. I'm able to maintain the erections now. Thank you very much for the counselling. However I would like to go through the second and third rounds of counselling as well, just to keep the confidence going on. I can avail that any time I want with prior intimation to you, right? I would like to approach you back when ever I feel so. Please confirm..? Thank you again..! , ,

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I am 21 yrs old,I was having very small penis. I consulted Dr Jhuntrraa. he advised me to get blood tests for hormones which were very low so he advised treatment . I got injections regularly so I could have growth of penis and semen discharge also. I am now having a beard and feel like a man. thanks Dr Jhuntrraa

John , 2014, Kerala

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I am deeply thankful to Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa for helping me improve my sex relations with my husband. I had lost all desire to have sex and my husband was going nuts. He had started affair with his secretary . He  admitted one day  that since I was not giving him pleasure in bed, he was enjoying with his secretary. Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa helped me  remove  my myths and and perceptions about sex and counselled to increase my curosity for sex and I started a new life with my husband, of course the sex became much more thrilling and satisfactory. God Bless You

Heena, Age 28, , Delhi

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I am deeply thankful to Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa for his treatment. I was unable to have sex with my newly wed wife for 4 months. I was getting desperate because this secret had been leaked to my inlaws. I was being looked down as impotent and my marriage was in jeopardy. Timely treatment by Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa saved my marriage and now I live a happy married life

Punit, 23 yrs,, Delhi

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I thank Dr Jhuntrraa for his advice in improving my sex life. I have Sugar problem, Raised BP, Heart Disease and Depression. I had tried many desi and other treatments available in market but none was helpful. With treatment from Dr Jhuntrraa, I am happy and having a great sex life

Amit Kumar, 58 yrs, Uttrakhand

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I was having problem of no seminal discharge ,though I could feel the urge for sex . Dr Sahib told me that your body is not producing seminal fluid .Treatment by Dr Jhuntrraa helped me and I was completely cured . I started producing semen and enjoying sex with my wife. Thanks Dr jhuntrraa for making me feel like a man!!!

Rajnish Gogia, 25 yrs,, Delhi

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I had a severe problem of Early Discharge. In my 11 yrs of married life, we never had a satisfactory sex. My wife was getting very irritated and often taunted me for being unable to satisfy her sexually. Dr Jhuntrraa advised both of us to meet him . After treatment, we enjoy sex like never before , my wife is very happy. Thanks Dr Jhuntrraa for giving us a new lease of life!!!!

Abdul, 27 Yrs,, Rajasthan

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One day I was consulted by a middle aged man whose son, a 21 years old handsome boy from a nearby village, had consumed some insecticide but luckily he was saved. The family feared that he might make another attempt.

The boy told me that family members were pressing for getting married but he was unwilling. The reason was that he believed he couldn't satisfy a girl sexually.

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Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa

Female sex problem

Dr Saatiish Jhuntrraa is a well-known ABS certified sex therapist by American Board of Sexology and a Psychiatrist for the last 24 years. He has been treating all kinds of sexual health related problems . He is well versed with all aspects of Human Sexuality and keenly focused on comprehensive management of sex problems with medications, yoga therapy, life style changes and counselling . His special expertise is in treatment of Sexual problems in patients having psychiatric illness. This is a comparatively neglected field and a leading cause of poor drug compliance and morbidity.


Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa

Sexologist in India

She is a well known sex therapist since last 24 years. Her main areas of interest are female frigidity (female sex problem) and pain during sex in females

Dr Viniita Jhuntrraa passed her M.B., B.S. (Medical Graguate Degree) from S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) and Worked as Lady Medical Officer in Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, General Hospital, Sirsa (Haryana) India for 10 years. 

Life Member, Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society Of India (Jaipur Branch)

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